The Unified Kingdoms of Elden

The Unified Kingdoms of Elden, also known as the five good Kingdoms, is a confederacy made between the five major kingdoms on the continent of Elden. The five kingdoms are: Clarin, the military power, Acarin, the rigid theocracy, Boreska, the noble union of the north, Tristan, the humble agricultural land, and Zirabad, the cunning traders of the South Sea.

The Unified Kingdoms of Elden was formed 1,000 years ago when the Lord of Darkness, Azmodeus, emerged from the Nightlands and wreaked havoc upon the world of man. The five kingdoms made an alliance together to help defeat Azmodeus and his armies, and through the combined efforts of all five kingdoms, Azmodeus was defeated and sealed in the eternal prison. After the events of Azmodeus, known as the Shock of Night, the five kingdoms wrote a charter to stay united as a multi-faceted entity to prevent future devastation and turmoil. Acarin was originally the ruling seat of the United Kingdoms of Elden, and they ruled for 600 years.

The governmental structure in each land is unique, and determined by the individual kingdom. However, one kingdom is granted the right to rule supreme over the others. The capital of the Unified Kingdoms of Elden, known as the Tower of Light houses the King Illuminaire from the ruling Kingdom, and the council of Daylight made up of dignitaries from the other four . Control of the Tower of Light is granted to whichever kingdom is the strongest, and was won from Acarin by Marcel Tybalt, then King of Clarin, for his victory over the barbaric tribes in the First Wilderness War, 400 years ago.

The Unified Kingdoms today enjoy peace and prosperity unknown to all previous generations. There has only been one war of note, the Fourth Wilderness War, that ended three years ago, but all in all the kingdoms have experienced unprecedented growth and good fortune. The biggest threat to the United Kingdoms seems to come from within, as a small but growing number of people believe the union of the five kingdoms is no longer necessary. However, common language, religion and history seems to be strongly holding together the United Kingdoms for now, and the prosperity of the Kingdoms currently brings no serious talks of change.

The Unified Kingdoms of Elden

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