Sir Godfrey Dègar

Loyal Knight of Clarin, hero of the Fourth Wilderness War


Level 1 fighter ’nuff said for now


Sir Godfrey Dègar is a loyal protector of all the unified kingdoms, a born leader and tactician, he is known throughout Elden for his military prowess. Born to Edwin Dègar, lord of Beacon township in Clarin, he is expected as the eldest son to rule after his father. His mother is Vanessa Goodherd, the younger sister of Teresa, Queen of Tristan. Dègar has two brothers, Vincent and Thomas, and has a sister Abigail. Godfrey began his noble and military education at the age of seven, learning in the famed academies of Regal Hall. He then at age thirteen became the squire of Leeman Fraè Earl of Aegis. He served Earl Leeman faithfully and dutifully until the age of twenty when he was knighted by Charles Canter, King of Regal Hall at the age of twenty. He served for ten years as a cavalry captain in the Second Unified Army, and saw action in the Fourth War of the Wildlands. He is valiant in battle, well awarded and honored, though he credits his men with those decoration not himself. After the war, he was reassigned to Fort Polter in northeast Boreska. He is currently in charge of a unit keeping watch along the eastern edge of the Great Forest.

Sir Godfrey Dègar

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